Survey about possible 2021 reunion

This is Mike Palombo.

Thoght I would do a follow up survey since our planned 45th reunion was scuttled due to the pandemic.

Trying to assess what the overall feeling is about trying to have a 2021 get together since pavilion rental will be coming up just after the holidays

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1)   * Would you be comfortable attending an event in late August/early September of 2021, around the same weekend as the planned 2020 event? It would be at an outdoors pavilion

Yes No
2)   * Is it OK to shoot for the same weekend as last year - that would be August 20, 2021?

Yes No
3)   If you were willing to volunteer to help last year, would you still be willing to do the same in 2021?

Yes No
4)   * Are you willing to assist with the event in any way, either planning or on the say of the event?

Yes No